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Prioritizing the Environment

Learn about how Stanford is incorporating the latest sustainability innovations into our housing portfolio.


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Stanford is committed to building an environmentally sustainable, resilient, and healthy future for everyone on our campus and in the surrounding communities. Most student and faculty housing is located on campus, which reduces driving and maximizes access to services and amenities. We locate most off-campus housing options near public transit to ensure sustainable commute options for students, faculty, and staff. This focus on housing location and planning, combined with our investments in transportation, have contributed to a 30 percent reduction in the rate of commuters who drive alone.

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Stanford designs housing projects with consideration for community interests while integrating the latest innovations in sustainable design. Access to nature, fresh air, public transit, and a strong connection to place guide how we build housing. Learn more about our work towards a more sustainable future in our Sustainability at Stanford Year in Review Report and our Sustainable Stanford commitment to reduce embodied carbon by 20% on construction projects. 

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